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About Lisa Riedt


   My great-grandparents came from Europe before World War 2, from Switzerland, Portugal and Germany.  My parents were born in Brazil. They struggled a lot to give a good a education to me and to be able to pay for my university. I had to work since a child on my family business to help with our home needs. Since a child I always loved to do crafts paintings, handcrafts, play with fabrics, fashion and home design. My dad used to buy ugly homes so we had to transform them in beautiful places to rent or sell them.

   My mom used to sew our clothes because buying for 3 kids would not be possible. She learned from her mom, my german grandma and then taught me to make beautiful dresses up to the most simple daywear clothing. Smart entrepreneurs and teachers as well, both used to teach on universities and run their business at same time. They had from flower shop, bakeries, gas station, clothing factory, sometimes at same time but mainly in different times that's from where I learned many different talents at home since a child.

    I decide to put it all together and become a fashion designer and a realtor. When I came to USA on 2003 I noticed that woman could and should have more. I noticed a disparity between comfortable and sexy swimwear. With undying love and knowledge of swimwear, I knew women could, and deserved to, have both.

    The inspiration for the collections come from my experiences around the world. Every gleaming skyline and lush landscape is translated into alluring feminine beauty. Lisa Riedt is for the cultured, cosmopolitan woman who craves the comfort of luxury, but surrenders to the exuberance of nature.

   The pieces are produced in Brazil with high technology fabrics, in Brazilian/European cuts. With a variety of contemporary and classic designs, each piece complements each other. One Pieces can also be worn as corsets, and cover ups as dresses. From the yacht, to the casino, then to a cocktail party.

    Lisa Riedt® is being sold in the USA, England and Brazil with success. The brand is expanding its market to the Caribbean Islands, Mexico, Australia, France, Arab Emirates, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Argentina. Mainly in 5 stars hotels and resorts, luxury spas and high end boutiques.

   With an international quality, following fair-trade practices and environmentally friendly, Lisa Riedt® products are made with 100% Brazilian materials, and is involved in the community and participates socially, helping non-profit organizations. 

      This dream became possible only because of the beautiful knowledge that my grandma Gertrudes Minna Becker, and my mom Oda Riedtmann taught and helped me with so much love. A hobby that became a business that today serves to woman beauty and comfort. Thank you everything everyone is doing at Lisa Riedt.


Elisa Riedtmann